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Lexapro (escitalopram) is a reliable drug prescribed for depression and anxiety disorder. This is a serotonin reuptake prevention that functions by improving the amount of serotonin in your mind consequently correcting its discrepancy. Lexapro must be taken frequently and you may need a number of weeks to observe the first benefits of the treatment. Ensure you allow your doctor know if you have liver condition, cardiovascular disease, thyroid condition, seizures, a current record of cardiac arrest, renal system illness, and any people ones you think are essential to mention. There is no have to be worried if you obtain irregularity, enhanced appetite, queasiness, diarrhea, belly pain, drippy nose, sleepiness, pyrosis ( heartburn ), lightheadedness, or completely dry mouth, as all them are light negative effects. More substantial negative effects are also feasible and feature temperature, sweating, confusion, muscle rigidity, unusual enjoyment, aberrations, or irregular heartbeat. Make sure you never ever take even more of Lexapro. If you took even more of this drug compared to recommended and experience seizures, complication, tremor, dizziness, fast or striking heart beat, sleepiness, sweating, queasiness, or throwing up, seek emergency situation clinical support.

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